Paula SchneiderIn the late 1990’s, I received, every day, via email, a coaching newsletter called Top Ten Personal, which has now been written into Wikipedia as one of the Internet’s first article directories. Each article would list the top ten aspects of a particular idea or philosophy. These articles were so compelling that I archived many, and over the years have referred back to the material. The one I am going to reference in this article is from April 9, 1998.
The man who submitted the following information was Thomas J. Leonard, who was considered, prior to his sudden death at the age of 47, to be a key player in the field of personal and business coaching. He gave to the world many helpful and logical ideas, tips, techniques, etc. Since he was raised in the Bay area, I have often wondered if that environment influenced him to be such a forward-thinking individual.
The Top Ten Reasons to Keep Your Word:
1. It feels good.
2. It keeps your life simple.
3. You keep your integrity intact.
4. You won’t have to lie about anything.
5. You won’t have to avoid anyone or anything.
6. You will have more energy.
7. You will attract high quality people.
8. You will feel great about yourself.
9. Every time you keep your word, your self-esteem increases.
10. When you have to push yourself because you gave your word, you learn and/or you have a breakthrough.
11. Paula’s addition: Keeping your word facilitates increased focus in your life, as you will not be wasting precious energy trying to remember what fabrication you told to various people.
Another wise person also wrote about the importance of keeping your word—Don Miguel Ruiz. He was the author of The Four Agreements, one of which was “Be impeccable with your word.” Ruiz obviously felt that being impeccable with your word, being honest, was an extremely important aspect of living a life of integrity. This book has been read and studied by millions of people all over the world.
I love these little reminders that I come across that help me to remember and to awaken seeds of wisdom deep inside my soul. I challenge readers to focus on your integrity for 2016 and beyond. I believe we’ll all be better, clearer, more focused, and happier if we can remember to always keep our word.