1337223713Journey,  a Sound Master and ceremonialist, has been facilitating healing and transformation through Sound since 2002. She uses a range of vocal tones, and instruments such as the Paiste Gong, Diamond Crystal Bowls and Black Hole Chimes.  Join us for this special evening on Friday, July 26, 2013, 7-8pm.

I think that describing my “a-ha” moment of sound would be a great way to begin. It was in the mid ‘90’s in Santa Rosa, Ca. There was a center in town that had a banner hung from the side saying “Breathe”. I remember that Karma Moffit, an amazing sound practitioner of all things Tibetan, came there to give 10-minute balancing sessions with his Tibetan bowls. I managed to get two sessions back to back. What a treat that was! I lay on a mat with bowls placed around me and blissed-out on the beautiful sounds. When I left, I felt so in balance and grounded and so filled with confidence … not a natural state for me at that time. Here’s a link to Journey’s website for more information about Journey and upcoming events.