We Value Your Input!
Saturday, November 2nd 2019 @ 10AM – “An Invitation for Change”
1933 California Street, Carson City NV 89701

Please arrive early enough to snag a snack and your favorite seat!
Come with feedback and ideas.

What’s important to you in your spiritual community?

In what areas would you like to see Unity of the Sierra grow?

Unity of the Sierra a commUnity-based ministry – your voice matters!

Invitation for Change 

A season for change is pulling at your leadership team at Unity of the Sierra once again. If you were with us in 2015, you’ll remember the crowded gathering we held in the little rectory room at St. Peter’s on Division Street. We shared our hopes and dreams, our concerns and desires; we came together in commUnity to hold space and vision for our future.
Your Board and I have, again, had our eye on the future and would like to invite you into the conversation. From big picture ideas to all the little details that make it all work, your input is paramount in the decision to either maintain the status quo, or move in the direction toward which we feel we’re being guided: more programs, more activity, and more prosperity! And what could be better than that?!
We would like to open to your inherent wisdom in the development of our future, and we have some ideas to get the conversation started, e.g., reinstating a Prosperity Ministry. But before we can manifest our desires into action, we must first “prepare ye the way.” Important questions like, “what’s working, and what isn’t?” need to be asked. An honest and thorough assessment of ourselves and what we’ve built together will give us some of the information required to co-create a future that works for all of us. The rest will come from your input and what you envision, as well as your responses to the Board’s ideas.
Even though the St. Peter chapter in our history has closed, there are some of us that look back with fondness to the little rectory meeting that gave way to big change. Your Board and I have exciting ideas to share with you, but we cannot implement any of it if you do not wish to join us on the journey. Without your commitment to Unity of the Sierra, nor your voice, your ideas, and your zeal, we could not possibly step forward into the fullness of our potential.
Won’t you please join the Board and I in planning the future of Unity of the Sierra? We’ll meet at the center. . .

Saturday, November 02, 2019 @ 10 AM

. . . and probably go for a couple of hours. We’ll pray, sing, and share ideas in an important conversation about Us. It is our hope that as many people as possible – whether you’ve been active in the commUnity or not – come out and contribute to the discussion.
You are important and your voice matters!

Love & Light,
Toni King, Spiritual Advisor