Guest Speaker
Sunday May 12, 2019

Metaphysical Student and Teacher, Guide, Speaker, studying to be Science of Mind Practitioner.
Jacquelyn enjoys her job now and has the greatest boss in the world, for she works for God. “Look for the good and praise it.”

A diagnosis, car accident, and a spinal cord ding sent Jacquelyn on her spiritual quest – seeker of Truth. This led to her life’s purpose, to expand and express Love, but not just any love, unconditional Love. She considers this to be the greatest blessing and honor that could have been bestowed upon her; having the opportunity to be an instrument in people changing their lives, a conduit of God’s love, “for it is our Father who doeth the work.”

For the past 20 years she has supported our community with her volunteer work with Therapy Dogs. It was through this work that she truly learned the power of unconditional love. Jacquelyn was given the Community Hero Award in 2000, for her outstanding volunteer work and one of her greatest honors was carrying the Olympic Torch in 2002, representing Reno, Nevada and the USA. In 2008 she was blessed with the love of her life when she married her handsome husband Dale. She believes inherently people are good and that God/Good is working through all things.

“We are all here for one reason and that is
to love unconditionally.”