single roseDeath Café with Paula Schneider and Laurie
Bauer.  January 25, 2014  We will meet at St. Peter’s Rectory between
10 am and 12 noon.  Please join us as we discuss some of the
hundreds of topics associated with end-of-life issues.  Our goal is to help people be more
comfortable with death and dying, overcome their fears about dying, understand
that only by embracing death can one fully live, learn more about the culture
of dying in America, and feel safe enough to discuss their personal death and
dying experiences.  We also hope that
these discussions will spark very needed dialogue between family members on
end-of-life topics.  Come and bring an
interested friend.  Call 841-2221 or
email Paula and Laurie at to register.  Pre-registration is recommended, as space is
limited to 20.  Snacks will be served and
love offerings accepted to cover the cost of food.