Unity Active in the Local Community

At Unity of the Sierra Unity, fellowship is a vital part of spirituality. We believe that worship in community deepens our individual spiritual paths as well as our group spirituality.

In this age of computers, cell phones, Skype, and the transforming of more social activity away from face-to-face relationships and into virtual relationships, we at Unity of the Sierra consciously make opportunities to commune with spiritual brethren.

We provide many opportunities to build community through social activities, volunteering in our Love in Action Program, attending one or more of our ongoing groups, and/or attending classes and retreats. We also believe that volunteering and spiritual growth happen best with fun!

General Community Events

All our get-together – St Patrick’s Day Party, Interfaith Picnic, Women’s Retreat,  Summer Picnic, Christmas Party  and sundry parties & potlucks – are planned with the intention of building and deepening our community. You are warmly welcomed to participate at whatever level your heart desires. Come play with us and deepen your friendships!