Clarissa LondonClarissa London is metaphysical/spiritual teacher and astrologer.  Born and raised in California, Clarissa eventually moved to the northeast where, for several years, she worked as a high school and junior high French teacher. During that time Astrology became a passion that proved to be the perfect marriage of a metaphysical subject that also provided a remarkable window into human understanding.  

After moving to Reno, NV with her husband in 2004, Clarissa taught several classes on basic Astrology, and in 2006 published Astrology Workbook Part I (former professional name Jeri London). Clarissa loves any subject pertaining to personal growth, awareness, and spiritual enlightenment.  Soon she found her way to an electrifying new passion—that of spirituality. Delving into New Thought became an integral part of this track as she learned about the Field of Pure Potentiality, the Field of Possibilities. Immersed in the study and practice of spiritual and metaphysical principles and tools, she felt intrigued to discover the potentials within herself and others.

Over the next few years Clarissa developed and taught a variety of courses including “Astrology and Spirituality,” “Exploring and Knowing Your Higher Self,” “Essence Contact: A Path to Inner Peace and Calm,” and “Essence Contact in Relationships.” Clarissa says: “As enlightenment grows in each one of us, the better life gets and the more sure-footed we feel.  Personal choices and decisions become easier when we know the truth of who we truly are.  Tuning into our Divine Essence becomes an illuminating experience.”

Clarissa’s professional background also includes: radio advice talk show host; astrological advice columnist for numerous publications including “16” Magazine; host of several local access cable TV shows. 

Clarissa is available for talks/classes/workshops and one-on-one consultations.

Contact info:  cell/text:  775-530-4025 or