Paula Schneider

In reading the unpublished manuscripts of talks Charles Fillmore gave, several things have come to light about his style. Besides being somewhat difficult to read by today’s reader, his rambling style further exacerbates the situation. He throws out topics that seem to be random, maybe 5-10 in one talk. It can be challenging, but not impossible, to consolidate just what point he is trying to make. However, eventually he does return to the topic at hand.
Another thing I’ve noticed is that he rarely defines his terms. Perhaps someone later on, or maybe Charles himself, noticed that this could be a problem for readers, and The Revealing Word and The Metaphysical Bible Dictionary were created. Additionally, in these manuscripts, there are no dates. One does not know when they were either written or spoken.
Last but not least, the reader of these manuscripts must keep in mind that these were originally spoken words. Charles was speaking, not writing. So, when the documents are transcribed, many of the sentences appear long and somewhat nonsensical; however, they are not. The reader must be persistent and dedicated to knowing just what point Charles is attempting to make. Sometimes I re-read the sentences several times and have found this to be helpful.
I urge all the readers, if they truly want to get into the mind of Charles, into the flow of what he’s trying to convey, and into the heart of Unity philosophy, to be patient. If one deeply wants Charles’s pearls of wisdom, stay with it and don’t give up. Often I will read a paragraph and stop for a while to ponder and ask for guidance from my internal wisdom to help me understand the truth that is in the paragraph. You may want to do the same.
I have created my own special study challenge—that of going back over my refreshed transcripts, re-reading them, and interpreting them in more updated language. In keeping with that challenge, I offer three of my re-writes along with my own editorial remarks for Paula’s Corner. At some point in time, according to Mark Hicks, all the transcripts that have been updated and refreshed by various editors and transcriptionists over the past month or so may be posted to TruthUnity web site. If and when they do become available, I will get that information out to Unity of the Sierra and the readers of Paula’s Corner. In the meantime, if you want to read the original typewritten manuscripts (and I urge you to give them a try), here is the TruthUnity link: Please let me know if this type of information has been helpful to you, and feel free to share your own ideas about Charles’s writings with me!