Charles Fillmore’s Divine Power
by Paula Schneider

In an undated, unpublished manuscript taken from a talk, Divine Power, possibly delivered in the early 1900’s in Kansas City, Charles Fillmore began by stating, “Spiritually discerned, Jesus Christ gave us the key to man and the universe. Our subject today is the power of man not only to control himself but through control of himself to attain a certain dominion over outer things.”
Charles says, however, that before we can exercise this dominion, or power, which lies latent deep within us, we must awaken our understanding. Charles reminds us that Jesus told his disciples to go into the upper room in Jerusalem because there is where the Holy Spirit would imbue them with “power from on high.” The upper room symbolizes a high state of consciousness. This high state is the only place where we can receive the breadth of understanding that is needed in order to begin to manifest a certain dominion over all outer things. Charles describes this as a place where we experience a deep, rich awareness of life and love and power.
In that upper room, after some time of praising and praying, the disciples felt a release of innate power. Charles equates the upper room with the top brain of the body (one might say this is the prefrontal cortex in today’s understanding of brain physiology). This is, incidentally, the area of the human brain that is the most recent in our evolution and where much high level thinking occurs.
At this point in his lecture, Charles has already given excellent examples of two of the seven Hermetic principles: 1. “The ALL is mind. The universe is mental,” when he says that we can control ourselves to attain a certain mental dominion over outer things, and 2. “Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates.” This is called the Principle of Vibration and it was operational when the disciples went into a high state of consciousness where they had a deep awareness of, and appreciation for, “life, love, and power.” They changed their vibrations and became deeply receptive to their own Divine Power.
Charles then went on to give a bit of process of how one may attain personal mastery. First we must realize that we have more power available to us but it is always lying dormant within our minds. He says, “This dynamic power is latent in us because we have not, through faith and understanding, grasped the possibility.” He goes on to talk about a dynamic power center at the root of the tongue (referred to as the power of power in Fillmore’s Twelve Powers of Man.) He says that in this power center are found both positive and negative cells, referring to a third Hermetic principle, “The Principle of Polarity,” which tells us everything is dual and has its pair of opposites.
Continuing on with more process, Charles tells us that we must, in order to develop Divine Power (the power of God within our mind), call forth our disciples. Doing so gives us the ability, at will, to quicken the electrons and protons in every cell of our body. In fact, in order to move forward in our individual, personal spiritual unfoldment, we must get very quiet and center our power in what he calls the tongue brain. This is where all the ideas come. We call out our personal power within us to heal and to speak our word. He says this is where we turn water into wine. It is through this power center that we have mastery over all the vibrations in the body.
Charles’ closing sentences are very compelling, so I will quote the transcript verbatim: “Jesus got still and began to pray to the Father. He said, ‘Now, Father, I know that you hear me always. I know that you have never failed me. I know that this power of God is in me. Praise our God, the all-powerful One.’ Then these material things are nothing. Do away with these material concepts. True. It is that life that is everywhere—never goes anywhere. Then speak the word, the outer word in a loud voice. Then new life begins to come. This Lazarus, this young man, is within every one of us. Let us get busy and arouse him. Remember that this power of God is within the mind. Let us begin today by giving thanks.”
I invite you to deepen your personal study relating to this topic by referring to Fillmore’s The Twelve Powers of Man and any reference material on Hermetic doctrine or The Kybalion.