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Steve Bhaerman

by Jonathan Denwood

Unity of the Sierra Guest Speaker Steve Bhaerman “Healing Power of Humor” Sunday, September 16, 2018 10:00am “Defying Gravity – Using Levity to Uplift Us in Unfunny Times” Sunday, September 16, 2108 Playshop 12:30pm – 3:30pm $25.00 Advance/$30.00 At the … Continue reading

Matthew Embrey-McClain

by Jonathan Denwood

Greetings, bright and shinning beacons of light! My name is Matthew Embrey-McClain. I am the E.D. of Compassionate Connections Matter, a Civil Rights Advocate/Leader and disseminator of Altruism (being concerned for the situation of others and wanting their benefit, whether … Continue reading

John Eldridge

by Jonathan Denwood

   My spiritual journey has always been leading me, guiding me to my divinity. With my awareness today, looking back, I see that each moment, each challenge, each endeavor was a step on my path, stretching and lifting me to … Continue reading

Movie Night

by Jonathan Denwood

Movie Night at Unity on April 27 at 6 PM. Come join us and bring a friend! The movies will be a series of entertaining, informative, and touching shorts (ranging from 5 minutes to around 15 minutes each) from Spiritual … Continue reading