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Four Clicks

by Jonathan Denwood

Have you ever worked jigsaw puzzles on your computer? It’s a lot of fun, and is probably an excellent way to help keep your brain stimulated. My husband and I were in our office, each working puzzles and I realized … Continue reading

Angels on the Road

by Peggy Pruitt

Have you ever considered that there might be angels traveling in and around our cars as we drive around our streets and highways? I know I certainly have! Especially when I think about the crazy (and dangerous) driving habits that … Continue reading

Keep Your Word

by admin

In the late 1990’s, I received, every day, via email, a coaching newsletter called Top Ten Personal, which has now been written into Wikipedia as one of the Internet’s first article directories. Each article would list the top ten aspects … Continue reading

Seeing Auras

by admin

            Throughout my life I have spoken with quite a few people who told me they can see auras, including my best friend in Houston.  To be honest, I was jealous.  I wanted to be able to see them.  For … Continue reading

Which Do You Choose?

by admin

            I recently saw an image on the Internet that shook me to my core, and led me to give much thought to its possible symbolic meanings. The drawing was of a voluptuous female, shown from her back, in a … Continue reading

High or Low Anxiety

by admin

When I worked in hospice, I became acutely aware of the fact that when families and caregivers are highly anxious, as when their loved one is beginning the process of letting go of this life, they can act and react … Continue reading

The Jading of Life

by admin

I am reading a book by Stephen Levine entitled, “Who Dies?” and before starting it, I did a little research on Mr. Levine by checking his bio on Wikipedia. What follows is part of that bio: “Although Stephen acknowledges that … Continue reading