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Charles Fillmore’s Style

by Jonathan Denwood

Paula Schneider In reading the unpublished manuscripts of talks Charles Fillmore gave, several things have come to light about his style. Besides being somewhat difficult to read by today’s reader, his rambling style further exacerbates the situation. He throws out … Continue reading

Unity’s True Purpose

by Jonathan Denwood

I have been on an exciting adventure for the past month or so—one I have shared with a few of you. One friend suggested I include a special quote for the readers who stop by Paula’s Corner. I’ll get to … Continue reading

Secret Nostrums and Systems

by admin

A hobby of mine is collecting antique books on health and medicine.  One of my favorites, which might even be better enjoyed by a pharmacist, is Secret Nostrums and Systems by Dr. Charles W. Oleson from Harvard University, written in … Continue reading

Learning New Skills Keeps the Aging Mind Sharp

by admin

A recent research study indicates that only certain activities – such as learning a mentally demanding skill like photography—are likely to improve cognitive functioning.  Researchers at the University of Texas in Dallas performed a study whereby 221 adults, ages 60 … Continue reading

A Lesson in Nonjudgment

by Jonathan Denwood

A Lesson in Nonjudgment Author’s Note: This article written by Paula Schneider was published in Unity Magazine in the column, God Moments, in July of 1997. My copy of the article recently re-surfaced as I looked through some memorabilia, and … Continue reading

Open Forum on End-of-Life Issues

by Jonathan Denwood

You’re Invited to an Open Forum on End-of-Life Issues Facilitated by Paula Schneider and Laurie Bauer, former hospice RN Case Managers Tahoe Senior Plaza (event open to the public) Saturday, May 5, 2018 from 10 am til noon Refreshments Provided … Continue reading

Four Clicks

by Jonathan Denwood

Have you ever worked jigsaw puzzles on your computer? It’s a lot of fun, and is probably an excellent way to help keep your brain stimulated. My husband and I were in our office, each working puzzles and I realized … Continue reading

Angels on the Road

by Peggy Pruitt

Have you ever considered that there might be angels traveling in and around our cars as we drive around our streets and highways? I know I certainly have! Especially when I think about the crazy (and dangerous) driving habits that … Continue reading