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News and Inspiration from Toni King

by Jonathan Denwood

Greetings, Beloveds, “Physiology has located in the body of man twelve dominant brain or nerve centers that correspond with the twelve powers or spiritual faculties.” – Cora Fillmore, Christ Enthroned In Man. This week at Unity of the Sierra, we’ll … Continue reading

Randy Peyser

by Jonathan Denwood

Randy Peyser shares insights and action steps that can lead to miracles, based on the experiences of 40 people she’s interviewed. She will talk about what it takes to engage a “miracle thinking mindset” (beyond positive thinking and gratitude) to … Continue reading

Secret Nostrums and Systems

by admin

A hobby of mine is collecting antique books on health and medicine.  One of my favorites, which might even be better enjoyed by a pharmacist, is Secret Nostrums and Systems by Dr. Charles W. Oleson from Harvard University, written in … Continue reading