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Timothy Gay

by admin

Memories For some of us, looking back through our mental rolodex brings back times of fun, excitement, beauty, friendship, and other positive experiences. For others, our old memories bring up dark and painful Memories For some of us, looking back … Continue reading

Steve Sterling

by Jonathan Denwood

Steve is currently the co-founder (with Colleen Schiller) of the Carson Tarot Society and has written Tarot Awareness: Exploring Your Spiritual Path published by Llewellyn in 2000. From 2002 until 2010 he taught enrichment classes at Sierra College such as … Continue reading

Brown Bag Class

by Jonathan Denwood

“Did you know that Unity teachings are based upon a metaphysical interpretation of scripture? This is a fact, as stated by Lowell Fillmore, Charles Fillmore’s son, though many who attend a Unity church or center aren’t aware of it. We … Continue reading

Tuesday Minden Book Study

by Jonathan Denwood

Immortal Diamond: The Search For Our True Self The Tuesday Night Adult Study and Practicum group is reading and discussing Richard Rohr’s best seller, Immortal Diamond. Our class is led by Rev. Larry Schneider, Unity minister, master teacher, and facilitator. … Continue reading

Minden Book Study

by Jonathan Denwood

Our vigorous and excited Gardnerville Tuesday night group has completed the book, NeuroWisdom, after 11 months of intensive study and practice. We feel this was time well spent! We are now discussing what we’d like to do on Tuesday nights … Continue reading