Interested in practicing the art of metaphysical Bible interpretation? If you want to comprehend Unity
the way the founders did, your awareness will be enhanced by grasping Bible stories and characters
from a symbolic viewpoint. Join us on Thursdays at noon for a stimulating exploration of the deep
meanings of rich Bible stories that exemplify each individual’s development as a human. We use as our
foundation lectures presented by Ed Rabel, long-time Unity Truth student, who gave almost 200 lectures
to Unity students in the mid-1970’s. These have been saved by Mark Hicks who manages the web site,
TruthUnity, and are public documents that anyone can read and use for study material. Our group
brings a brown bag lunch and usually begins an open discussion led by Rev. Larry Schneider at around
12:30 pm. We wrap it up by 2:00 pm. All are welcome!