Greetings Beloveds,

We are transitioning from Finding Comfort in October to Expressing Gratitude in November. We gave ourselves time and space to heal when we found spiritual comfort. Healing is to let go of what no longer serves. And “letting go” requires a complete acknowledgement that whatever it is that we’re holding onto is no longer needed.

How many times do we think we’re done with a situation only to have it rear it’s ugly head once again into our lives. Often times, we’re only able to let go of something in stages. Which is fine, if we know we’re working toward that end. Because, then each time the same situation comes up again, it comes up to a lesser degree, until it finally dissipates.

Unlike, if we do NOT acknowledge that something needs to be let go, and each time it comes up, it gets bigger and bigger, until we have no choice but to address it. That’s not what we want. We want to get better and better at recognizing the clues before something becomes an insurmountable problem. Also, there is no insurmountable problem that cannot be dissolved in Christ-consciousness.

“There is nothing so fixed in your consciousness that Zeal can’t dissolve and overcome. Once fixed beliefs and fears are shattered, their very structure is exposed to the light of truth. There is no disease that can survive in light, and Zeal is ever urging you onward into the light.” (Twelve Powers In You)

The comfort we experience once a healing has occurred easily moves into gratitude.

Expressing Gratitude: I am gratefully and wonderfully blessed.

I Am Grateful! I am grateful many of you will be joining us this Saturday to talk about the direction in which you’d like to see Unity of the Sierra move. I am grateful René Jenkins will bless us this coming Sunday with his lovely energy of Self and his mastery of indigenous instruments from around the world he’ll be playing for us. I am grateful to be moving into a Season of Gratitude and Joy for the next couple of months, and I hope you’ll be along for the ride.

Toni King, Spiritual Advisor

Toni’s upcoming schedule:
11/1, 11/7 & 11/8, 8-11am
11/2, 9-Noon