Greetings, bright and shinning beacons of light! My name is Matthew Embrey-McClain. I am the E.D. of Compassionate Connections Matter, a Civil Rights Advocate/Leader and disseminator of Altruism (being concerned for the situation of others and wanting their benefit, whether it is by helping to remove their suffering or by helping them to fulfill their highest aspirations). I believe that it is crucial for us to develop empathy and compassion to create the world we all want to live in.

I have been communing with spirit since I was a young boy. In 96′ when I was 13, I began to learn meditation by absorbing the teachings of my group of meditation mentors who studied wellness, meditation and spirituality from Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Desmond Tuto, Eckhart Tolle, Edgar Casey, as well as but not limited to, Jon Kabbot-Zin.