My spiritual journey has always been leading me, guiding me to my divinity. With my awareness today, looking back, I see that each moment, each challenge, each endeavor was a step on my path, stretching and lifting me to NOW. My path is clear and my inspiration pure – I am here to serve as a Unity Minister.

I went to college and became a teacher, and teaching is my passion. However, I found that school systems are a limited platform, where LOVE and GOD and ESOTERIC concepts are not genuinely embraced or allowed. Being a genuine, honest person with the gift of seeing the divinity in others, I found that I couldn’t honestly be myself in such a setting – I couldn’t speak to the truths my heart held inside.

So I left school teaching, and found meditation here in Lake Tahoe, an energy vortex which draws people in need of healing to her. After years of suffering and seeking, it is here that I finally found a spiritual community I can call home, a family and my own inner peace.

Since 2015 I have been attending Unity at the Lake and meditating regularly. The spiritual growth I’ve received has lit a fire in me that wants to share the wisdom of Spirit from my own beautiful perspective, and to connect with others wherever they are on their own paths.

The past three years has been a deprogramming period for me, stepping out of old mechanisms that don’t serve me, absorbing new wisdom, and releasing and healing my own body and mind. I now feel whole, and ready to start the journey towards Unity Ministership so that I can one day spiritually lead a congregation and community in service through positive living and spiritual connection and growth.