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How Well Do We Listen

by admin

About a decade ago, when I wrote articles for Nevada Appeal, I wrote one about the importance of listening well.  As a professional in the health care establishment for almost 38 years, I have been forced to learn to listen … Continue reading

Falling in Love with Your Life

by admin

            I’ve been giving this a lot of thought ever since I stopped working full-time last year.  Consistently, over the past weeks and months, I have noticed several very positive changes in my attitude and mood.  To sum it up, … Continue reading

The Placebo Effect: Part Two

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            In part one, I introduced you to the placebo effect and gave some examples of studies that substantiate its powerful effects on the human psyche.  In part two, I give a few other examples and add a few additional … Continue reading

The Placebo Effect: Part One

by admin

           I have long been interested in what is known as the placebo effect:  something that works because you think you are taking a real drug.  Within my journey through ancient (1976) and current (2014) medicine, I have learned a … Continue reading