Guest Speaker
Shelly Pierson
Sunday October 1, 2017

“Soul Guides and Soul Groups”
Shelly will talk about Soul Guides and their role in our lives and she will also describe what Soul Groups are and how they are connected to our past and present lives.

Shelly Pierson is a certified Past Life and Between Life Soul Regression Therapist who has spent years bringing clarity, awareness, and peace to her clients by helping them explore their past lives. She also teaches a Metaphysics class and is a yoga instructor.

Past Life Regressions – Visiting the Past to Heal the Present

Shelly will provide an overview of what Past Life Regression work is and the impact past lives and soul memory have on our present lives. The discussion will cover the benefits many of her clients have received by gaining clarity, awareness, and answers from their past. Shelly will spend the last 5 minutes guiding participants through a meditation exercise to help us connect with our spirit guides.