Greetings, Beloveds,
Anyone that you feel is an enemy, you must pray for in order to release yourself from the shackles that you have put yourself in just by believing that you have an enemy! When we pray for Love and Wisdom to descend upon the minds and hearts of those that we do not agree with, in Unity, we are praying for Love and Wisdom to manifest in our own minds and hearts. And, we each cannot do this alone. It’s okay to rely on each other to hold the Light of Truth, for sometimes we stumble and fall. It’s also okay to ask for help from God.
H. Emilie Cady, Mentor to the Fillmores, wrote “Trusting and Resting In His Name”, published in 1892. She writes on moving the soul from a place of wanting to be in control of what we see manifesting in the outer world, to a place of releasing control to a Higher Power. When we attempt to control our environment, we are staking our claim that “I am God.” When we release and let go of control, we are claiming that “The Father and I are One”. It’s a subtle difference: to be, and to be at One with. Again, it’s okay not to go through Life as the warrior who wants to fight every battle as if you are the only one who can! Let and allow your Higher Power to direct the flow. Here’s Emilie:
We need to rise above this state of tension, to one of living trust. There is such a thing as an indolent shifting of our responsibility upon an outside God, which means laziness, and which never brings anything into manifestation. But there is also a state of trustful passivity, which we must enter into to do the highest work.
There are some things which we are to do ourselves, but there are others which God does not expect us to do. (When I speak of ourselves as something apart from God, I simply mean our conscious selves. We are always one with God, but we do not always realize it consciously. I speak of ourselves as the conscious part of us.) They are His part, and our greatest trouble lies in our trying to do God’s part, just because we have not learned how to trust Him to do it. We are, with our conscious thought, to speak the words of life, of truth, of abundant supply, and we are to act as though the words were true; but the “bringing it to pass” is the work of a Power that is higher than we,— a Presence which we do not see with these mortal eyes, but which is Omnipotent, and which will always rush to our rescue when we trust it.
From the smallest thing of our everyday life to the rolling away of the largest stone of difficulty from our path, it will come in to deliver us. But its working depends upon our trusting; and trusting means getting still inside

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Toni King, Spiritual Advisor