Greetings, Beloveds,

Mind . . . Idea . . . Expression; in the Absolute, the aspects of this sacred trinity (in Christianity known as Father, Son, Holy Spirit) are all equal. One may beget the next, but Mind does not know Itself without Expression, and so It has to have an Idea. The One and only Divine Idea, Christ. You may know this Divine Idea as the Tao, or Zen, Krishna, or as what I refer to all of you, Beloved. The Christ must be expressed, and It does so through the Holy Spirit . . . which, in turn, whispers back to Mind, the Father.

This is an unending loop in timelessness. It is the Truth of how all Creation is made manifest; the process through which Consciousness becomes aware of Itself. And through this process, the Universe is born into knowing, planets and stars are aligned into constellations, and physical beings are brought up from the dust. Free Will is a natural component of this process, and so human desires wedge separation between the God with whom we were in a Unity relationship, and the life we simultaneously choose to live.

Many Master Teachers have come as Guideposts to Light the Path back toward Consciousness and Awareness of Consciousness. These Teachers have come in many forms. They are the ones who throughout history we have held as deities, as well as the ones who teach us our most difficult lessons through the pain and suffering of difficult relationships. Many of whom are lost to their message if we do not use our Powers Strength and Understanding to acknowledge the lessons and receive the gifts forthcoming.

Divine Mind cannot be accessed through the human mind. In the suffering of our humanness, we can only release our pain into Love in an attempt to find our way back to Source. Love is the answer, and It is the only path back to Truth. In Truth we will find the answers to the painful questions we are asking right now. Do not be deceived by the confusion of the outer world. Third dimensional reality does not hold the Highest Truth of the social situation in which we find ourselves. The solution to the problem is not found at the level of the problem. We must rise above.

If you are in need of emotional support – for obvious social reasons, or for whatever it is that you are holding in your heart – please come heal with us on Sunday morning. Meditation begins at 9:20 and will be followed by “More on Love . . .” I hope to see you there.

Toni King, Spiritual Advisor