Greetings, Beloveds!


This week we’re focusing on remembering how Powerful we are. There is a level in which we already know that, we just don’t choose to act from that place because we’ve forgotten. And, usually it’s just easier to go along with the status quo than do to something differently, but the recent activity in our nation and world has stirred something up within us.


This is the great gift of this time. We no longer have the luxury to sit by and do nothing, but how does this fit into a Life of Non-Resistance?! No matter what you believe about the outside world, it is a direct reflection of you. Now that differing belief systems are railing against each other ever so furiously, it’s interesting to take a step outside of the bickering and think about how we’re all fighting for the same thing.


We all want peace and happiness, we all want love and connection; we just have differing ideas about how to get there. Some people think it’ll come by building a wall, and others think it’ll come by protecting nature. If we could just take the focus away from trying to control the outer world in an attempt to feel that peace and happiness, and switch the process around to become aware of the infinite peace and joy that we have access to by recognizing our innate connection to Source we would all be much happier.


Then, we will see that reflected outside of ourselves, and the need to fight for control of how we think things ought to be in our nation and the world will dissipate. Once the need to fight for what we believe in dissipates, then we can get on with effecting real change in our outer world because it will come from a place of the Power within. “There is nothing and no one against me.”


This week, we will have an amazing Guest Speaker who will show us how to take key elements from our own history that will allow us to heal the present. I don’t know about you, but I’ll take all the help I can get! There are so many layers of “stuff” to be cleared on this Path of Enlightenment that we’re all on, that I am open to receive any and all tools that come my way. But the one tool that will never fail you is to still yourself to the omniscient Christ-consciousness within.


Blessings on your journey, my friends! Hope to see you Sunday,


Toni King

Spiritual Advisor