“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” When I read this scripture, I am overcome with the experience of God focusing in at the center-point of my being. The Word, Logos, Christ. As we continue to encourage a growing awareness of Christ consciousness within us, we are continually re-born into the Presence. God is not in the name or description; God is in the Experience.

This week, we are blessed to have Rick Arnold speak with us on the 23rd Psalm. Scientist Dr. Lawrence Wilson writes:

King David, who wrote the psalm, grew up and worked as a shepherd, so he knew a lot about sheep and shepherding. He loved the metaphor of seeing God, or the Lord, as a shepherd. The shepherd’s job is to care for his flock, making sure they are safe, nourished, calm and happy at all times.
Sheep are vulnerable to danger from wolves and other predators because they cannot run very fast, and they are not always smart enough to avoid danger. To care for them correctly and safely, sheep require a shepherd to take them to the fertile areas to graze, protect them from predators and other hazards, and keep them together so they don’t stray from the group. This is the job of the shepherd. One can extend this idea and say that God does this for us, if we submit to His will.

But how does this align with our belief that God is within? And how can we be so sure God is within, if the Bible is telling us that [He] is watching over us and protecting us? Are we the sheep, “not smart enough to evade danger”? I think history probably supports that last supposition, but don’t forget to use your metaphysical translators when reading this stuff! What if God is both within, and protecting us from the outside?

How we interpret our world is a direct correlation with what is going-on on the inside. If I feel safe – the type of safety that can only come from knowing my Unity with God – then I will always feel safe no matter what is going on outside. ACIM reminds us that “Nothing and no one can harm me”. It is Source that cares for me, Loves me, protects me, watches over me, etc., etc. . . And, if I am in Unity with that Source, then, “I shall not want”.

I am the sheep. I am the shepherd.

Again, I say, as we continue to encourage a growing awareness of Christ consciousness within us, we are continually re-born into the Presence. It is the experience of this that makes it True and dissolves the uncomfortableness that the questions I posed earlier can bring up when we don’t understand that both are true at the same time. God is within me, therefore what I see outside of me is a reflection of what I know to be true about God, because that is my direct experience. Therefore, God is both within me, and with-out me. I am both the protector and the one seeking protection.

Please join us Sunday to continue the conversation and be blessed with the wisdom from our own Rick Arnold. Namaste!

Toni King
Spiritual Advisor