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John Eldridge

by Jonathan Denwood

   My spiritual journey has always been leading me, guiding me to my divinity. With my awareness today, looking back, I see that each moment, each challenge, each endeavor was a step on my path, stretching and lifting me to … Continue reading

Movie Night

by Jonathan Denwood

Movie Night at Unity on April 27 at 6 PM. Come join us and bring a friend! The movies will be a series of entertaining, informative, and touching shorts (ranging from 5 minutes to around 15 minutes each) from Spiritual … Continue reading

News and Inspiration from Toni King

by Peggy Pruitt

Greetings, Beloveds! Our 2018 journey into “The Courage to Imagine” has begun. Through the Power of Imagination, we have the ability to see divine potential and hold for something Higher. A Higher purpose, a Higher presence of mind, a Higher … Continue reading