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Secret Nostrums and Systems

by admin

A hobby of mine is collecting antique books on health and medicine.  One of my favorites, which might even be better enjoyed by a pharmacist, is Secret Nostrums and Systems by Dr. Charles W. Oleson from Harvard University, written in … Continue reading

Matthew Embrey-McClain

by Jonathan Denwood

Greetings, bright and shinning beacons of light! My name is Matthew Embrey-McClain. I am the E.D. of Compassionate Connections Matter, a Civil Rights Advocate/Leader and disseminator of Altruism (being concerned for the situation of others and wanting their benefit, whether … Continue reading

New & Inspiration from Toni King

by Jonathan Denwood

This article is a reprint from Unity’s website. Cultivating Our Creativity By Elaine Meyer I Am Creative Affirmation: Creativity is my natural state of being; I am immersed in endless possibilities. During World War I, a brilliant Austrian piano virtuoso … Continue reading

Rev. Christine Grace

by Jonathan Denwood

Reverend Christine Grace is an ordained Unity Minister, passionate about being of service, and contributing to a world that works for all. She has a master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology with an emphasis in Consciousness, Health and Healing, and is … Continue reading

Learning New Skills Keeps the Aging Mind Sharp

by admin

A recent research study indicates that only certain activities – such as learning a mentally demanding skill like photography—are likely to improve cognitive functioning.  Researchers at the University of Texas in Dallas performed a study whereby 221 adults, ages 60 … Continue reading

Clarissa London

by admin

Clarissa London is metaphysical/spiritual teacher and astrologer.  Born and raised in California, Clarissa eventually moved to the northeast where, for several years, she worked as a high school and junior high French teacher. During that time Astrology became a passion … Continue reading