Alchemist Theatre is an interfaith community which combines progressive spirituality with elements of theater to produce an inclusive, inspiring experience. Through music, meditation, and engaging sermons, Alchemist Theatre aims to raise awareness, provide practical tools, and create a safe space for patrons to build a connection to Spirit. In essence, to transform, and to encourage others to transform, and to advocate for authentic living.

While we love to revel in the way we can explore our Spirituality through showmanship, we also find that there’s another important part to our infinitely mysterious Divine Spirit: the holy presence of the eternal Now. So, The Alchemists are settling down a bit for this new creation. Upon entering the sanctuary for “Alchemist: Unplugged”, guests will be invited to anonymously jot down topics or themes around which they are seeking exploration or healing. Then, for the next 60 minutes, The Alchemists will randomly pull topics from the bowl, and proceed to improvise all of the music, prayers, sermons, art, and meditations. No show, no plan, just pure, spontaneous worship.