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Synchronicities: How and Why?

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Are you interested in synchronicities like I am?  I have been journaling synchronicities that have occurred to me since the 1980’s, and I’m still no closer to understanding them than I was then.  They puzzle and intrigue me.  I feel, … Continue reading

Learning New Skills Keeps the Aging Mind Sharp

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A recent research study indicates that only certain activities – such as learning a mentally demanding skill like photography—are likely to improve cognitive functioning.  Researchers at the University of Texas in Dallas performed a study whereby 221 adults, ages 60 … Continue reading

Paying it Forward

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          Larry and I have several family members and friends who live in South Texas.  They own land that shelters gas and oil beneath the surface, and when the fracking frenzy began a few years ago, these individuals were approached … Continue reading

The Value of Spiritual Teachings

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I have been a Unity Truth student, in earnest, since 1985.  Before that, in the mid-70’s, I was introduced to the Unity teachings but was too busy with getting my formal education, raising a child, and working to pursue them … Continue reading